Mobile Cold Chain – Self-Cooling Transport Containers

2-8 °C space at the push of a button – anywhere – anytime – without electricity, ice or phase change materials.
Gobi cold box
Gobi cold box
With Zeo-Tech’s technology, simple and reliable transportation of temperature-controlled products around the world is a reality. Zeo-Tech’s cold chain boxes are totally self-contained, with no need for electricity, ice, or conditioning of phase change materials.

Zeo-Tech’s cold chain boxes are very simple to use and require no cold room infrastructure. The boxes can be stored at room temperature, and when cold space is desired, simply push a button and the cooling starts immediately. Zeo-Tech has developed integrated thermal controls to maintain the cold temperature at 2-8 °C no matter what the outside temperature.

Zeo-Tech has developed a suite of mobile cold chain products, ranging from single-use to reusable components and ranging in size from 1-15 liters. The duration of cooling is adjustable from 1-200 hours, even when outside temperatures reach as high as 45 °C (113 °F).

In Zeo-Tech’s newest cold chain box, the controlled cooling can be started and stopped on demand. The cooling engine is integrated with high performance vacuum insulation panels to create a cold chain box that is 20-40% lighter than conventional phase change material cold boxes.


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