Mobile Cold Chain – Self-Cooling Transport Containers

2-8 °C space at the push of a button – anywhere – anytime – without electricity, ice or phase change materials.
Gobi cold box
With Zeo-Tech’s technology, simple and reliable transportation of temperature-controlled products around the world is a reality. Zeo-Tech’s cold chain boxes are totally self-contained, with no need for electricity, ice, or conditioning of phase change materials (PCM).

In the past Zeo-Tech had invented the ZeoCool™ system, a revolutionary disposable shipper with integrated, active zeolite cooling and separate heating.

As a successor of the ZeoCool™, Zeo-Tech has now developed a new, further improved version of the self-cooling parcel shipper, the innovative ALTAI system.

Highlights of the development are the start/stop function for integrated cooling, an even lower volumetric weight and the reusability of all key components of the system.

The ALTAI system now offers even more ideal conditions for shipping high-quality, temperature-sensitive products around the globe.

The advantages are: Reliability and cost reduction through easy handling and favorable volume weight as well as a drastic reduction of the CO2 footprint compared to conventional PCM containing parcel shippers.


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